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I’m Lori Paximadis, a longtime solo business owner with plenty of wisdom to share about the world of working solo. Now it’s time to unleash that knowledge on the world. 

We’re just getting started around here, so stay tuned for practical, actionable tips and tricks along with a dose of inspiration for your freelance business — or whatever you call your endeavor.

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Latest articles

  • How to Fix Mega-Weird Apostrophes in Word Documents

    How to Fix Mega-Weird Apostrophes in Word Documents

    Translations to and from Word and other word processing programs like Google Docs and Mac Pages are not always seamless. Several different kinds of problems can crop up. Today I’m going to tackle the perplexing phenomenon of mega-weird apostrophes (MWAs).…

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  • Get Ahead with CEO Sprints

    Get Ahead with CEO Sprints

    It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks of running your business and forget to take time out to work on those things that are important for moving your business forward or making it more efficient. One easy…

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  • Don’t Try to Swim against the Current

    Don’t Try to Swim against the Current

    Even the best swimmers will wear themselves out quickly if they try to swim against the current. Knowing how you work best is the key to doing your best work. Yes, that sounds like circular reasoning, but hang in with…

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